30 days

Hi. My name is Jaeger Amari and I’ve been diaper-free for 30 days.

I mean, I still wear diapers at bedtime, but most mornings it’s completely dry when I wake up, so that doesn’t really count.

[Insert applause here]

I’ve had ZERO accidents during the day, including naps. Except for that time mom picked me up from school and noticed I was wearing different pants than the ones she dressed me in:

Mom: “Oh no, buddy! Did you have an accident?”
Me: “Yes, I fell in the toilet!”
Mom: “Oh, good! I thought maybe you wet your pants.”

Really, mom? What does a guy have to do to get some sympathy for falling into the toilet? It was a bit traumatic, but don’t worry… I’ll only be scarred for the rest of my life.

Still, I enjoy being a diaper-free member of society. But even though it’s liberating and empowering to wear underpants, I’m not ashamed of my diaper past. Those Pampers got me through some stinky times, so they will always be a part of my story.

2 thoughts on “30 days

  1. Hey Good Job Jaeger! You are really growing up fast. You just may be stazrting a knew head gear style. I might try that to! PaPa

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