Progress Report (School)

I’m loving school! From the family pizza parties, to the decorated room for each weekly theme, to the opportunities to tap into my inner artist… I am thriving!

On Monday, my parent-teacher conference was a success! According to my mom, I’m getting an A++ in the subjects of Awesome and Super Star. According to Ms. Angela, my teacher, I have an extensive vocabulary, I like to ask questions, I enjoy learning, I am knowledgeable about a wide range of topics, and I bring my imagination to life on the playground.

But as much as I like school, I sometimes look forward to the end of the day, particularly when I get to attend campus events hosted by the college students. Not only do I get lots of love and attention from my older buddies (shout out to my sister, Jamie!), but occasionally I score a free cupcake too! And you know what they say about cupcakes, right? Well, in the spirit of school, here’s a pop quiz:


A. make the world go ’round.
B. make good days gooder.
C. are the way to my heart!
D. are Jaeger tested and approved.
E. All of the above.

(In case your progress report wasn’t as stellar as mine, the answer is E.)

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