Tomb it may concern:

This Halloween, I wasn’t afraid to make terroriffic memories boocause October only comes around, well, in October. (See what I did there? If not, keep reading at your own risk and beware the puns that might creep in.)

We carved out time to find the great pumpkin, devour frightful amounts of candy corn, and decorate the house with spooktacular window clings. This was the month to channel my inner Mickey Mouse and declare “Boo!” every five minutes. It was fangtastic beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Dad, mummy, and I maximized the season by embarking on adventures like roasting (and consuming) the most ghoulishly delightful pumpkin seeds,

collecting Tootsie Rolls as I Mickey-Moused my way through the Enchanted Forest,

tricking several treats into my bucket at Dad’s 10th floor office suite and the Omni Center Halloween Bash,

and having a hair-raising good time at the Country Bumpkin Farm Market in Wisconsin Dells, where I zip-lined, played tug-of-war, rode the tractor/train, fed the petting farm animals, raced on pedal karts, helped launch the pumpkin catapult, played tether ball, and so, so much more!

In summary, we took fun to scary levels because we know how to have a wicked good time.


Witching you all were along for the hayride,
Jaeger Mickey Mouse

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