This is what 2-years-old looks like


Turning 2-years-old earned me another Well Child Visit with the Doctor. This time, I was able to march myself right into the office and say, “Hi, Doctor!” And, in an attempt to bypass the routine check-up, I showed Doc how high I can jump. I’m quite certain he was impressed; we just proceeded with the usual steps so we could quantify and document my awesomeness. Here’s what we learned:

  • I weigh almost 27 lbs (34%)
  • I’m 2’11” tall (74%)
  • My head measures 48 cm around (31%)

However, what the measuring tape and scale won’t tell you is:

  • I love Thomas the Train!
  • I like to whine and dine.
  • I can identify all the colors of the rainbow.
  • I’ve pretty much mastered all the names of the many student-teachers who come in and out of my classroom.
  • I think I’m a stand-up comedian (I often say, “Jaeger funny!”)
  • I’ve already learned that if I don’t get the answer I want from one parent, I should ask the other.
  • My capacity to empathize keeps growing.

But, while it’s great to make note of important moments in my life, there are also events happening in the world around me, like:

  • Prince, a musical legend and humanitarian, died just the other week, on April 21. He was only 57.
  • This is a presidential election year, which means it’s President Obama’s final year in office. (Some folks running to replace him include Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.)
  • Currently, gas is $2.13/gallon
  • The fifteenth and final season of American Idol recently concluded.
  • As of today, I have a brand new (2nd) cousin named Cora Lee. (Congrats, Gretchen & Koty!)

Life as a two-year-old is busy! I grow, change, and learn something new everyday. I’m constantly building my place in the world. In an instant, I move from cracking-up with giggles to melting down with tantrums. I run -never walk- from one moment to the next, blurring the memories that my mom tries to capture by camera. I’m here. And there. And everywhere! But, I don’t plan to slow down anytime soon, so try to keep up!

2 thoughts on “This is what 2-years-old looks like

  1. Good job Jaeger! You two year olds will rule the world some day! Hope we all can keep up. Papa Florence

  2. We love reading what you are doing in ruling the household. Sydney and Mackenzie are coming in June. They will be anxious to see how big you are. Love, Mary

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