How to turn 2-years-old

A week ago today, I successfully became a two-year-old. How did I do it, you ask? Well, turning two requires a 4 day celebration that begins on the eve of the much anticipated birthday. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Wear your favorite “Birthday Boy” shirt so everyone is extra nice to you. (This works better if your friends can read.)

2. Arrive at school, equipped with sugar to enhance the fun levels of your buddies cupcakes.

3. At day’s end, fall asleep in your bed as a one-year-old, and wake up in…. (video)

…a balloon party!

4. Head into La Crosse with mom to pick up the official birthday food: cake!

5. Return home to a surprise visit from one of your favorite aunties (Bethy)!

6. Go to bed as a brand new 2-year-old and wake up the next morning really excited….


…because it’s time to have some of your buddies over to show them how to party!

7. Minutes after your guests leave, fall asleep while your diaper is getting changed.

8. Wake up and demand more cake.

9. Get back to bed and prepare for birthday party #2…

… a celebration with family and more cake!

10. Declare yourself exhausted. I mean, awesome. I mean, an exhausted, awesome two-year-old.

And that’s how it’s done, folks. It’s not easy turning two-years-old, (unless you’re the two-year-old who doesn’t have to clean/plan/purchase/wrap/decorate/cook/host), but if you follow the above steps, you, too, can come of age like I did!

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