Guess who’s going to be a BIG…

…terrible 2-year old this month!?! I know it’s April Fool’s Day, but I’m not foolin’ around. April is my birthday month!! Be excited.


Below are a few examples of new milestones I’ve worked hard to accomplish before I officially turn 2.

I can now say some 3-syllable words! My first big word was “basketball.” (video)

I can do somersaults! (video)

I am VERY good at scaring people. (video)

I can whistle like a train. (video)

I can catch the football. (video) Sometimes.

I can help wash the car! (video)

I can convince people to do almost anything my cute little face asks of them.
(Like when I got Dan to cover his face in stickers!)


Other notable almost-two-years-old skills include:

  • I’ve been sleeping with a pillow for a couple months now and we get along great!
  • I experienced my first kiss at school, from a girl named Zella. Can you blame her?!
  • I can search for train or tractor videos on YouTube all by myself.
  • I can count to 5 most days and up to 10 on a good day.
  • I get frightened by ladybugs and thunder.

Just wait and see what I’ll be able to do as an official two-year-old. I’m not sure why everyone says that being two is so terrible… I think it’s going to be great! (Except for those days that I might be terrible.)

3 thoughts on “Guess who’s going to be a BIG…

  1. Jaeger-keep testing the elders. Can’t wait to see you. You can stop and use our bathroom going to papa Florence’s. Official 2 yr. olds don’ t have diapers, do they?😇😋😉

  2. Wow! What a big kid you are! The somersaults were fantastic, ( 10 out of 10) and I bet the family car is squeeky clean thanks to your help. What’s this I hear about ladybugs? I suppose everyone is afraid of something you just happened to pick the cutest thing, its ok 😊. Can’t wait to read all about your two year old adventures and Happy Birthday!!!

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