Mission: FUN

Question: What do you get when you combine birthday cake, rainbows and carmel apples?

Answer: Lots of Jaeger smiles during last weekend’s mission to fill our days with FUN!!

The fun started at my friend’s birthday party. Isaiah turned 5 years old and we celebrated with cake, legos (which I wasn’t allowed to eat touch), story time, piñatas, and more!

Then, we headed down to Riverside for Pride Fest! I ran into some of my UWL buddies and already got recruited to enroll at Western Technical College. I guess they know talent when they see it.

Finally, we met up with Sonia, Abe, William, Hope and all the parents at Ferguson’s Apple Orchard. Now that I’m old enough to peruse the property on my own terms, I sure can get into a lot more trouble!

Mission: FUN was quite successful, and fun!

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