First Flight Seat Upgrade

My first flight was a success! As it turns out, I’m just as good in the air as I am on land. And that’s not because I was sleeping the whole time, even though I was given strict orders to do just that. Instead, I took a 30 minute cat nap and then provided entertainment for the flight crew and passengers. All of them loved me and even nominated me for the best-baby-in-an-airplane award, except for one person… Miss Meany-pants. She was the grumpiest lady ever. She was not a fan of babies. She was my parents’ worst fear come true. And she was assigned to the seat just left of me and mom. Here’s how our friendship started:

We walked on the plane and looked down the aisle for our seats. When we discovered 9B and 9C, we made eye contact with the lady in 9A. I greeted her with my bestest, biggest smile, and in return, she rolled her eyes and said “Just shoot me.” She then proceeded to ask my mom why anyone would take their kid to Cancun. Several lovely comments later, Miss Meany-pants said she was going to move to an empty seat in a different row….

And that’s how you score yourself a seat upgrade, folks! Thanks to me, I got our family a row all to ourselves. Mom says haters are gonna hate, but since I’m made of love, I should just keep smiling on… in my free seat.

2 thoughts on “First Flight Seat Upgrade

  1. Good Job Peanut, make all those grumpy people move. You should have asked her why do they let baby haters on the plane? I guess I should have gone with and sat my lovely face next to hers. Enjoy your vacation guys ! PoPs

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