Top 10 reasons why I might have to start paying rent:

10.   I don’t put my toys away.
9.    Mom says the fireplace isn’t as enjoyable/relaxing since I’ve been around.
8.    I consistently exceed my quota for dirty laundry.
7.    Mom sometimes misses the glass that is hidden beneath all my fingerprints.
6.    I bring home lots of germs from daycare…
6b.   and I don’t cover my mouth when I cough or sneeze…
6c.   so my parents get to fully participate in all of my illnesses.
5.    I don’t talk about my feelings and I’m also not so good at letting go of things (literally and figuratively).
4.    What part of “no” don’t I understand? All of it.
3.    I prefer to crumple mom’s office papers instead of playing with my cool train.
2.    I practice defiance by converting my changing table into a gymnastics mat.
1.    Mom’s shoe shopping has been interrupted by Jaeger-always-needs-a-cute-outfit shopping.

But don’t worry…since we’re making lists, I’ve got many contributions, talents and skills that can be used for negotiations:

1.    I sit patiently when mom cuts my fingernails.
2.    Sometimes I help unload the dishwasher!
3.    No matter how bad the day goes, I never forget how to clap it out and do a happy dance.
4.    I can eat my socks.
5.    I’m really cute.
6.    Shoot….
7.    That’s all I got.
8.    Did I mention that I’m cute?
9.    Yikes….
10.   I better start working on this list!

2 thoughts on “Rent

  1. Hi Jaeger, wow ! now you are paying rent. Well you have to start sometime. Just be good for Mommy & Daddy and I know they will subtract a few payments. PoPs Florence

  2. Cute. i have started my blog, but have not put many posts in it yet. i keep putting it off. no motivation this time around…poor second child syndrome… 🙂 we need to touch base soon!!!
    love and miss you!!!

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