Modes of Transportation

I’m learning about some new ways to travel from point A to point B!

First, I learned how to crawl. (Thanks to my friend Ellie for showing me how it’s done!)


After I mastered crawling (easy-schmeesy), Dad thought it was time for me to learn how to ride a bike. Nailed it! (…with some assistance from my training wheels, my dad, and my way-too-dramatic mother who would have dressed me in a bubble-wrap suit if we owned one.)

And instead of being satisfied with those two tricks, now my parents want me to learn how to fly…


…so they got me a Passport! Mom and Dad are thinking about taking me to Mexico, to the place where they got married. Count me in! I’ll pack my sippy cup in preparation for the self-serve Piña Coladas that I’ve heard so much about. I can’t wait!!

2 thoughts on “Modes of Transportation

  1. Hey Peanut, you look good on your hot wheels, I guess the four wheeler is next. Peanut remember now don’t start speaking Spanish, you need to speak to us Americans first. PoPs

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