Friends are the best medicine

This past weekend I didn’t feel so hot, but we had big plans to visit with friends and I wasn’t going to let a little sniffle rain on my parade. Besides, mom says friends can be the best medicine (so long as I keep my germs to myself).

Below are some snapshots from my Babies’ First Holiday Party, where I got to hang with William, Hope, Sonia and Abram! We opened gifts, played with puzzles, slid down a mattress, enjoyed a fireside chat, snuck in a nap, and had a mini photo shoot! (Thanks for the memories!)

Next, me and the parents went to visit Marcia and Junior! (Thanks for the laughs. And for letting us hang out in your fancy shower for a bit!)

We ended the night by visiting Stef, Mike and Graham! (Thanks for the pizza. And the grand tour of your beautiful new house!)

The following day, we invited my friend Ellie and her parents over for a Packer party! (Thanks for the crawling lessons, Ellie!)

Mom was right… friends are like chicken soup for the soul. And quite frankly, who wouldn’t feel better after seeing all of those lovely faces in just one weekend?!

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