Places to go and people to see!

It was a busy-bee kind of weekend! I had all sorts of places to go and loved ones to see. First stop was in Mauston to visit the Wisconsin Badgers Headquarters. And guess who we saw there?! …Peter & Mary!

Then, we traveled to Madison for lunch with Carrie and Matt. They may have moved away, but thanks to Mom’s good detective work (a phone call to Carrie), we found them!

Finally, we made our way to Mukwonago to see if Papa Florence remembered me. (He did!) But he says I grew lots of hair and chubby cheeks since we last saw each other. We had a good time together! I taught Papa how to clap, showed off my fascinating fingers, helped him celebrate his birthday and watched some football. It was a pretty sad Packer game… mostly because they didn’t play too well, but also because Papa (their head coach) kept making me cry when he would yell at the television. I don’t know if the players could hear Papa’s “motivational” pep talks, but I sure could. Yikes!

Before we headed back home, Donna and her funny sweater stopped by to visit me. Love her!

It’s a wonderful life… traveling from one zip code to another for free smiles and hugs!

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