Return to Jellystone

Last weekend I made my return to Jellystone with my cute bear outfit. I mean, somebody needed to give Yogi a little competition. Who’s the cutest bear now!?


I’m not sure what happened to summer… it was there last time we camped at Jellystone. But, I kind of liked the chill in the air because shivers encourage more snuggling, and I like snuggles! We had a great timeĀ celebrating my cousin Ashlee’s 11th birthday. The weekend was full of campfires, outdoor movies, birthday cake, pizza, and giggly/chatty 5th grade girls. Whoa… if that’s what 5th grade looks like, it’s going to be loud! But, sign me up anyway. Those girls were totally into me and spoiled me with attention… I think I can handle that!

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