Challenging social norms

Look at me in my pink shirt, pushing back against the “pink-is-for-girls” phenomenon. Who made that silly rule anyway? Mom had to find this shirt in the “girls” section, and I proudly wore it to school today. Because me and my shirt had a statement to make: “I love [heart] mom!” (Oh yeah, and also “pink can be for anyone.”) Take that, societal gender roles! I’m making my own rules.

photo (1)

3 thoughts on “Challenging social norms

  1. Hey Peanut, please don’t let Mommy dress you funny anymore. If she wanted a girl, its too late for that. Little Marines don’t ware PINK ! PoPs

  2. Woo hoo–Go Jaeger! Remember: butterflies, ruffles, hearts, and flowers are not just for girls, either! You can wear anything you like.

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