Celebrating Sonia

This past weekend I helped mom and dad throw a Welcome-to-the-world shower for cousin Sonia. Even though I’m typically the life of the party, I gladly stepped aside for our little guest of honor. (Although I did try to steal some of the attention while she was sleeping. Tee hee hee.) Everybody showered her with hugs and smiles. Sonia is definitely loved! I mean, you know you’ve made it big when your name appears on a cake. Unfortunately, a bunch of attendees destroyed that evidence, but we all still know Sonia is a beautiful bundle of perfection. Congratulations Uncle Nizam & Aunt Mahruq!

4 months!

Look who’s 4 months old now… this guy! DSC08246

Some researchers believe this is the month that I’ll learn new tricks like grabbing, reaching and rolling over. I say, “been there, done that!” Click the video below to see some other milestones I’m proud of.

Ready for steak dinners!

Look what we found in my mouth… teeth! (Thanks for the discovery, Patty Bero!) On average, a baby usually gets his first tooth around 7 months, so I guess I’m above average or a genius or something?! I can’t wait to try these chompers out. Momma was pretty excited for me too… until she realized I might accidentally practice on her before I graduate to my steak dinners. Watch out!

Welcome to Boot Lake

This past weekend was spent having fun in the sun at Boot Lake with the Grizzly Beros! It was definitely worth the long drive… we enjoyed fireside chats, delicious meals, scotcharoos (thanks, Grandma!), kiddie cocktails, the best grapes ever, boat rides, kayak trips, nature walks, and conversations with Ms. Patty and Mr. Bill (they tell the best stories)! The only thing missing was the paperwork for me and my parents to become permanent residents at Camp Bero. Life sure is good there!

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Surprise Happy Birthday, Lisa Heise! It’s always fun to celebrate you! And you’re welcome for the snuggles. Let’s do it again sometime!

Daycare: And so it begins

Well, mom and I survived our first day at daycare, and let’s just say one of us did better than the other. Mom lingered a little bit while she dropped me off, but she eventually managed to leave the premises. I heard her come visit me over the lunch hour, but I pretended to be sleeping because it’s not cool to hang out with your mom when you’re trying to make new friends. She got the hint after a while, and reluctantly walked out the door. But 15 minutes later, she was back. Oh boy! (Just call me irresistible.) This time, I threw a blanket over my head so she couldn’t find me. I think it worked because she went back to her office and didn’t return until the end of the day. By 4:30 p.m. I was back in my mom’s arms, safe, unharmed and all in one piece! I greeted her with a smile and then we hugged for a moment, and just like that, all was right with the world. Hopefully she’ll remember that when we do this all over again tomorrow.


Tee hee hee

I showed mom and dad my first real giggle today! It’s hilarious to let out a deep belly laugh. First I giggled, then mom started, and soon dad was laughing too. It’s contagious! I wish my parents would have captured it on video… you probably would have laughed too. Maybe next time?! Laughter sure is the best medicine!