Pine View Campground

It was an easy 35-minute drive to explore a new-to-us campground at Fort McCoy! There was only one spot left when mom called to make the reservation, and we were more than pleased with our randomly-assigned corner lot, right near the miniature golf course.

It was just the trip we needed… a wind down before the hustle and bustle of back-to-schooll!

We rented a 4-person pedal bike to tour the premises, walked down to Trout Falls Bridge and splashed in the water, played all of the games (frisbee golf, miniature golf, and basketball), concocted our own slushies in the main lobby, tested the digital speed limit signs with our electric scooters, and then listened to our favorite tunes while we roasted perfectly golden marshmallows over the moonlit campfire (well, some of us did… poor little G just can’t hang with the cool cats).

Authrene ties the knot

We were truly honored to be invited guests at Authrene and Tony’s special day! I was highly anticipating this event for months, as it had been too long since I’ve seen some of my favorite college buddies, and the day did not disappoint!

I pursued every hug I could and then I smiled until my cheeks got sore. There’s just something about seeing one of your favorite people so happy… it made my heart full.

It was such a beautiful day! Besides my sister’s questionable decision to wear pink hair extensions and a unicorn headband accessory, everyone looked stunning!

Equally stunning was that dessert table, although it got a little awkward when Genesee couldn’t keep her hands off of it.

Thankfully, no one passed judgement because it was, after all, a love story for the ages. I mean, Authrene and Tony’s love story is an incredible one to celebrate, too, but Genesee and cake pops were truly meant to be together.

Cheers to forever! And congrats Authrene and Tony!

Fiving and Thriving

Guess who’s fiving and thriving?! This girl:

To celebrate Genesee turning 5, we hosted a unicorn-themed birthday party (for the the third year running) and enjoyed a slow-cooked, shredded chicken taco dinner, per the birthday girl’s request.

At five years of age, Genesee is becoming very independent. From buckling her own seatbelt, to getting herself dressed, to sleeping in her own room without me, she’s practically a grown-up!

These days, Genesee has not only inspired me to become a lover of popcorn, but she has also taught me what it looks like to be an upstander. In fact, Genesee is the fiercest defender I know… always standing up for what she believes is right. And since I’m always right, anyone who wants to mess with me will have to answer to my little sister first.

Happy birthday, Gigi Luigi! May all your unicorn dreams come true!

Lambeau Field FĂștbol

We will be part of Lambeau Field’s history books.

On July 23rd, we loaded up the Chevrolet Suburban and made the 3.5 hour trek to Green Bay to experience Lambeau’s first ever soccer match! We were among 78,128 fellow soccer fanatics, as tickets were purchased from all 50 states and 19 different countries to watch the friendly exhibition match between Bayern Munich and Manchester City. It was electrifying! (Especially, the part when lightning and other severe weather forced fans to take cover in the arena’s concourse.)

For a moment there, it was a little scary. In fact, I’m not quite sure if I peed my pants or if they got soaked by the rain. Either way, our spirits were not dampened. Because, not only did my team, Manchester City, win the match 1-0, but Maddox and I also picked up some tips and tricks to bring back to our Rush Soccer Club and Genesee got some quality Quinn time! It was epic.

GG’s got skills

Watch out, world! We have a new soccer player in the house!

This July, Genesee asked to be signed up for Rush’s soccer camp! We’re not sure if she loved the game or if she just thought her coach, Hunter, was cute, but either way, she did a great job and so she wants to play again this fall.

I can’t wait to cheer her on from the sidelines!

Melrose Pool Swim Lessons

For a couple of weeks this summer, Genesee and I woke up for 8 a.m. swim lessons at the outdoor Melrose pool. Even though it was mid-July, the water was still a bit chilly, but we jumped in anyway and made the most of it.

By session’s end, we both advanced to the next level, but the best part was getting those $1.00 ice cream treats after each lesson. And that’s all the incentive we need to return next year!

4th of July Canceled

Due to the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, after a 50-year precedent that gave women the right to make autonomous decisions about their own bodies and reproductive functions, mom and many women across the country have declared the 4th of July canceled due to a shortage of independence.

With implications that this reversal of law could also threaten additional rights like interracial marriage, gay marriage, access to birth control, and in vitro fertilization (IVF), losing freedom definitely made the 4th of July holiday less happy, so we had to go in search of joy. And since no one does joy better than Yogi Bear, we followed the interstate to Jellystone Park in Warrens, Wisconsin.

To distract us from the reality that Genesee will come of age with fewer rights than her grandmothers had, we jumped out our frustration on the big, bouncy pillow and then we played miniature golf, splashed in the waterpark, learned the game of Gaga Ball, shot some hoops, watched outdoor movies, fished in the mornings, cleaned fish in the afternoons, took a train tour around the premises, had a photo shoot with Boo Boo the statue, and hosted Colin and his family for a day.

We played, and played, and played. Because tomorrow we may need to fight for our rights.

Hello, Hatfield!

It’s been a while since the Goodenough Gang camped at Hatfield, but once we arrived, we thrived!

From Hot Lava Tag on the playground and Adult vs Kiddo Bean Bag Toss, to hot dog dinners over the fire and outdoor movies projected onto the back of our motorhome, camping is definitely the good life!

Breakfast on the Farm

After a three-year hiatus, we made our return to Dairy Breakfasts! We got up so early, I thought we were going fishing, but instead, we were going eating! It’s a hard life.

Mom missed out on the fun because she was in the Grand Cayman Islands, but because the show must go on and the pancakes must get consumed, we forged ahead without her. And even though the breakfast didn’t quite compare to the meals we get to regularly enjoy at Grandma & Grandpa’s house on Sunday mornings, it was still a perfect day!