The Magic of Isaiah

Ever since I made friends with that magician on the cruise ship, I’ve been really intrigued by magic. So, when mom saw a magic show coming to town, we booked our tickets and headed to The Pump House!

When the magician asked for a volunteer at the top of his show, Genesee and I waved our arms erratically enough to bring attention to our row, which put mom in a vulnerable position to get voluntold to go up on stage, where the magician performed a lie detector trick on mom. Unfortunately, we forgot to document this main event, but we all learned the truth of the matter: Mom is a good liar.

The extra magic part was that our whole entire family found ourselves up on stage at some point during the show and it was a blast! Because who doesn’t want to be the chosen one? (Answer: Mom. Mom doesn’t like to be the chosen one, but her stage fright appearance made for a good chuckle.)

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