Of all the many things Genesee has ever lost, my favorite so far has been her first tooth! She pulled it out all by herself after it became too wiggly to bite into some of her favorite foods, like, you know: candy. This is the same first tooth that I lost, around almost the same age! Mom and Dad always try to tell us we are twins – just 3+ years apart.

That night, Genesee put the tooth under her pillow, with a heartfelt letter for the tooth fairy. She also left out a glass of milk and some chocolates.

I’m pretty sure the tooth fairy doesn’t even drink milk, and bribery is probably frowned upon. I told my sister it was a bad idea, but by morning, the glass was empty, a chocolate was gone, and Genesee was $10 richer!

Something else I’m pretty sure of: I, too, will leave out milk and chocolates next time I lose a tooth!

Once you know better, you do better!

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