Hidden Trails Field Trip

Genesee’s kindergarten class got to take a field trip to Hidden Trails Corn Maze and mom signed up to be a parent helper!

It’s a good thing mom stepped into her helper role because Genesee and Barron have a crush on each other and those two love birds definitely needed a chaperone. In fact, one of the teacher’s aides told mom that Genesee and Barron hold hands on the playground. Gross!!

As her older brother, I have no choice but to intervene because apparently the “chaperone” turned into a photographer during this field trip. (Epic fail, mom.) Sometimes, when you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself…

Barron: Meet me on the big slide at recess tomorrow; we need to have a little talk.

And by “little,” I mean BIG.

And by “talk,” I mean whatever people do when they “have a talk.”

And tell your cute little dimples to stay out of this! I am my sister’s protector and she’s not allowed to date until she’s 74 years old. (Actually, she can protect herself and she usually is the protector of me, but still… Be afraid. Be very afraid.)

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