Mighty Mites

Genesee joined the Mighty Mites league this September to learn basic soccer and movement fundamentals through fun games and drills! She was especially encouraged to sign up after learning that her bud, Annalia, would be joining her on the field. Another cherry on top was that I got to be assistant coach because Coach Ryan asked me to help the next generation find their greatness. But perhaps the biggest incentive for enrolling in 4 weeks of soccer was that Ashlee said she’d come and watch Genesee tear up the field!

It was an added bonus that Ashlee brought Katie along! Then mom treated us all to dinner at Señor Villas, which was followed by a grand tour of Ashlee and Katie’s La Crosse home.

If this is what Mighty Mites is all about, I hope Genesee signs up again next year because it was mighty fun!!

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