Fiving and Thriving

Guess who’s fiving and thriving?! This girl:

To celebrate Genesee turning 5, we hosted a unicorn-themed birthday party (for the the third year running) and enjoyed a slow-cooked, shredded chicken taco dinner, per the birthday girl’s request.

At five years of age, Genesee is becoming very independent. From buckling her own seatbelt, to getting herself dressed, to sleeping in her own room without me, she’s practically a grown-up!

These days, Genesee has not only inspired me to become a lover of popcorn, but she has also taught me what it looks like to be an upstander. In fact, Genesee is the fiercest defender I know… always standing up for what she believes is right. And since I’m always right, anyone who wants to mess with me will have to answer to my little sister first.

Happy birthday, Gigi Luigi! May all your unicorn dreams come true!

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