Level 8 Unlocked

If my birthday party is any indication of the year that lies ahead, 8 is going to be GREAT!

On Saturday, April 16th, my friends and I took over the Lunda Community Center to test the waters of their swimming pool, climb their tall rock wall, and run circles around their open gym! We enthusiastically covered all of the ground and left no corner untouched because that’s how you unlock level 8! I was so grateful that my pals Colin, Wyatt, Ashlyn, Maddox, Quinn, and Noah made the big trip to Black River Falls to celebrate my becoming of eight.

These days, people call me “Jaeger,” “Jag,” or “Jag-a-lag-a-ding-dong,” and my world centers around soccer, basketball, golf, ice fishing, Pokémon, electric scooters, Nintendo Switch games, spaghetti with meat sauce, and Grandpa’s nachos.

I’ve still got my clumsy skills and a big, soft heart, but I’m also becoming quite the drone pilot, and I’ve taken a liking to writing as my favorite subject in school. Other favorites of the year are gold & black (colors), Big City Greens (TV show), elk (animal), and Pizza Ranch (restaurant… especially their cookie pizza).

In the here and now, I am most happy at home, with my whole family, especially my hero, Genesee. In the future, my 8-year-old self thinks I might become a “logo maker” (also known as a graphic designer). We’ll see if that idea stands the test of time, but regardless, mom says I’m a bright kiddo with a bright future, so get out your best sunglasses if you plan to watch how this show unfolds!

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