Now that I’m an avid golfer, I understand that I should yell, “FORE” to warn people ahead to be on guard; to beware.

Well, that same advice holds true when I warn you that my sister is now “FOUR!”: Get out of the way.
(Unless, of course, you come bearing unicorn gifts; then you’re safe for a while.)

But G’s birthday wasn’t just magical because of the unicorns; having a party while our Florida and Arizona family was still in town was truly the icing on the cake! After all, it takes a village to celebrate this girl and all that she is becoming…

A lover of chocolate milk, lemonade, blueberry biscuits, and all things bacon.
The fangirl for McDonald’s chicken mcnuggets and strawberry shakes.
A modern Punky Brewster, who prefers to wear mismatched socks.
The ultimate tickle monster, bath bomber, and bird chaser.

My sister may struggle to pronounce s-words and confuse “before” with “after,”
but she speaks with great conviction and can also communicate with eyes that go blinkety-blink-blink.

You might get fooled by her cute little giggle or that wrinkled-nose smile…
but this version of Genesee is a “fource” to be reckoned with, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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