Got Blueberries?

Most Wisconsin regions aren’t favorable for growing blueberries, but lucky for us, Grandma’s friend is the owner of Sunnyvale Farm Blueberries, which is located just ten minutes away from our house! So, we woke early to beat the heat and crowds, and set out on a quest to fill buckets with fresh-picked blueberries. This wasn’t my first rodeo, but it was fun to have Genesee, Mom, Cha Cha, and Ernest along for the experience! Together, we picked enough fruit for Grandma’s blueberry pies, Grandpa’s blueberry pancakes, Dad’s blueberry smoothies, and anyone else’s blueberry anythings! But instead of heading straight home to begin blueberry creations in our kitchens, we made a stop at another kitchen: Perkins Restaurant & Bakery. Thanks for the breakfast treat, Grandma & Grandpa!

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