Sleepover at Beth’s Airbnb

I love it when Aunt Bethy comes up with fun ideas, like a summer slumber party at her place! Ummm… yes please!

So, after my early morning golf lessons on June 21st, we all headed to Rosie’s Cafe for a delicious breakfast and then played our hearts out at the Trane All Abilities park. Once the afternoon rolled around, Beth and I had work to do at the bookstore, so Mom and Genesee went to another park with Noah, Matt, and Carrie. Finally, we gathered back together and topped off the night with some Rocky Rococo’s pizza, enjoyed among friends, around the fire. I provided the entertainment, of course, by encouraging everyone to partake in my bottle-flipping challenge. No one could match my skills, but they gave it a good effort.

We woke up the next morning to a cute little tea party and homemade breakfast and then jumped on our bikes to patronize Ranison’s Ice Cream & Candy Store before we had to pack up and head home.

It. Was. The. Best.

Thanks for the hospitality, Beth! We should probably make this slumber party an annual event, right?

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