Moving on up (to Second Grade)

I did it! I graduated first grade like a boss! My teacher, Mrs. Ramsey, said I “blew the first grade benchmarks for reading and math out of the water!” According to her, my word accuracy and comprehension skills were very solid, I was an expressive & fluent reader, I used class time constructively, and I always got right to work.

More importantly, Mrs. Ramsey always trusted me to run errands and to work with my classmates who needed help. She said, “I know he will be patient and kind.”

And also notable was when she signed my final report card with “Keep shooting hoops! NBA all the way!” because she knows I’m a baller!

I loved having Mrs. Ramsey for my main teacher, being supported by Mrs. Nicole in our classroom, and also knowing that my Aunt Julie was teaching right next door! I enjoyed Share Days when I would often showcase my blog, but especially when I got to teach my class about the Tuskegee Airmen by bragging about my Great Great Uncle Alfred Gorham. And, I became good friends with Danny, Wyatt, Ashlyn, and Austin, among many other new buddies.

Now, I’ll be moving on up to second grade. But first, summer vacation!

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