Genesee meets the Dentist

Genesee’s first visit to the dentist was supposed to be all fun and games…. wear some cool sunglasses, meet Mr. Slurpy and make friends with all the other tools, get excited about becoming their newest regular customer, etc.

But there was a tragic turn of events when Genesee unknowingly entered the office with a dead front tooth accompanied by a cavity, and then left the premises with a return appointment for a root canal.

Mission: Let’s-Enjoy-Going-to-the-Dentist = Epic fail.

Me, on the other hand? I don’t mean to brag or anything, especially given the possibility that my 3-year-old sister may forever be traumatized by the dentist, but let’s just humbly say I’m still a proud member of the no-cavity club, I’ll likely be spotlighted on their customer wall-of-fame, and I’m probably in the running for their all-time-favorite rule-following patient.

But let’s not rub that in Genesee’s soon-to-be-sore face.

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