Genesee turns three!

There are many names I like to call my sister, but today, I call her “three!”

So, happy 3rd birthday to my silly, sassy sidekick, who:

  • finds beauty in a good “lightning McQueen storm”
  • still requires “TWO MINUTES OF TV” and backrubs from mom before bed
  • sleeps with a blanket over her head
  • eats Pringles in stacks
  • despises “COMMERICALS!!”
  • likes to speak in meows
  • is now fully potty-trained
  • excitedly kicks off our dinnertime “Highs & Lows” conversation
  • jumps into any opportunity to take a shower
  • effortlessly makes us all laugh on the daily
  • has ditched her dolls for iPhone apps
  • loves to love on animals a little too hard
  • sometimes sees and hears things that the rest of us cannot
  • has the cutest pronunciations of words, like “Lellow” (yellow), “Beditos” (Doritos), and “pepellows” (marshmallow)
  • is an expert stealer of all things, but mostly our hearts


I love you, Gigi Luigi! Here’s to hoping your new age brings new opportunities for us to cause trouble together! 

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