One Love

I left my heart in Jamaica… it’s likely sitting somewhere beside my $25 swim goggles that I lost there. Genesee fell in love with the beautiful island country too, after she got over her initial disappointment about the absence of Cheetos and ramen noodles on all of the menus.

It definitely helped that my parents expertly planned our trip so that we missed the earthquake and tsunami upon arrival in Jamaica and returned home just hours before the winter storm dumped 9 inches of snow across the roadways. Plus, the resort was only at 40% occupancy so we practically had the place to ourselves while watching the Super Bowl and celebrating Bob Marley’s birthday.

But, we also loved visiting the Moon Palace Jamaica Grande resort because it was different from our typical trips to the Moon Palace in Cancun. This resort was smaller and more intimate, which allowed us to make new friends, like Lyla and Conner from Toronto, and David and Marie from Minneapolis! Jamaica also provided lots of new opportunities like snorkeling in the ocean, kayaking with Dad, encountering dolphins, watching cruise ships dock every morning, consuming the best jerk chicken ever, and getting our first manicures and pedicures! It should also be noted that the bacon seems crispier in Jamaica, the brownies are more delicious, and Genesee’s hair bends into perfect little curls in that warm, humid air and liquid sunshine.

In Jamaica, I learned new words and phrases, like “Yah mon,” “Wah gwan,” “Respect,” “No problem,” and “One Love.” However, even with this expanded vocabulary, there just aren’t any words that can accurately capture the stuff that Jamaican memories are made of so I’ll let our photos tell the rest of the story:

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