Halloween 2019

This year’s Halloween was a little sweeter than usual since we met at Colin’s house to terrorize his neighborhood and then reconvened in his kitchen for a hot chocolate and pizza party!

While out and about, I tricked everyone into believing I was the Joker, but the joke was on me when I tumbled over my own feet as I ran from the first house to the next. Whoops! After brushing myself off and making a full recovery, I had plenty of candy and smiles to show for my adventure. (I even grabbed a few extra treats for Genesee since she was a tired, shivering party pooper.)

It was so much fun exchanging Kit Kats and kindergarten stories with my old pal, Colin. But thanks to Todd’s costume party the following Saturday, Halloween didn’t end on Halloween this year. So, mom & I baked up our famous candy corn-frosted cookies, jumped into Dad’s Batmobile, invited a couple of our Mouseketeer friends, and arrived at Todd’s haunted house of horrors fashionably late (because… Mom).

It was all fun and games until Genesee fell down the stairs. She, too, made a full recovery. Next year’s costumes will consist of helmets and bubble wrap, according to Mom.

Bumps and bruises and all, I still love me a good Halloween party and can’t wait for Todd to outdo himself next year. Right, Todd?

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