Farewell, Daycare!

June 6, 2019, marked my last day of 4-K preschool at Children’s Treehouse.

I’m gonna miss that place and all that came with it: the lovely teachers, the fun field trips, the artsy craftsies, and the silly shenanigans with my school bud besties. But, this wasn’t just a one-sided relationship; I think that place is gonna miss me too.

In fact, Mr. Andrew’s parting words prove that “everyone benefit[ed] from [my] compassion and kind heart.” And Ms. Lisa affirmed that I was a “super friend” and “so very smart.” Most importantly, Ms. Mel claimed that she “LOVED getting to know [me]” because I am “something special.”

Furthermore, if those classroom walls could talk, they’d probably disclose secrets of how I’m a budding genius, an upstanding human being, and the best hope for our future. And, if the carpets could talk, they would likely tell you about all of the moments I sobbed, and puked, and sometimes wore my muddy outside shoes inside.

Hopefully, nobody cares about the stories that carpets hold.

Still, even with the meltdown dropoffs and projectile green beans, the highs completely outweighed the lows. Thank you, Children’s Treehouse, from the bottom of my big heart! I’m taking with me all of the beautiful memories and leaving only invisible footprints that spell: “Jaeger was here.”


– J. Goodenough; Signed out.

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