The last swim lesson (for now)

May 24th marked the last lesson of my final 8-week swimming session through the CTH/YMCA partnership. Every Friday, I would board a small, yellow school bus at 9:00 a.m. and head poolside with my Lightning McQueen backpack and Batman towel. In an effort to further develop my swim skills, I spent valuable time away from the classroom because even though school is important, swimming is importanter. Haha… see what I did there?

Seriously though, I am going to miss these days and I’m pretty sure that pool and those swim coaches are going to miss my Batman moves and strokes. But “I’ll be back,” perhaps as the Terminator, someday in the future to achieve my next levels of swimming greatness.

Thanks for the swim (and life) lessons, YMCA! And thanks, mom, for being there to document my high dives & silly splashes, helping my shivering body remove those cold & wet swim trunks, and then taking me out to lunch with Dad to celebrate!

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