How to beat the winter blues

When winter brings you snowstorms, blizzards, and wind chill advisories, we say, “Game on!” because we know how to beat the winter blues:

Step 1: Visit Mall of America to find the nearest rainforest.

Step 2: Head to the airport and hop on the first plane flying toward warmer weather.

Step 3: Arrive at the Grand at Moon Palace and inspect the swim-up suite room you requested.

Step 4: Enjoy delicious food, refreshing beverages, perfect temperatures, and have more fun than your heart can handle.

Step 5: Swim. Swim. Swim.

Step 6: Relax, meet up with Morgan & Garrett, crash, and repeat.

Step 7: Watch the sunrise, walk the beach, and make lots of memories.

Step 8: Return to Wisconsin with renewed energy to beat the winter blues.

Final Score = Goodenough Family: 82, Winter: -24

Even though those numbers also reflect the temperatures of Cancun vs. Wisconsin, we pretty much kicked winter’s butt.


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