Love Letter to Jellystone

Dear Jellystone,

I’ve missed you! I don’t think we even got to see each other last summer. This year, I’m glad you got to meet my sister, Genesee. You sure made her smile a lot… she loved swimming in your pools and touring your facilities! I think she wants to spend more time with you; thanks for making such a good first impression!!

I’m also grateful that you took our friendship to the next level by showing me sides of you I’ve never experienced, like miniature golfing, playing in your outdoor bubble bath, and getting soaked by your picnic basket-turned-waterfall. And, aren’t you proud that I conquered my fears and went down your “BIG blue water slide that is actually green!?” I have boarded your train before, but it’s such a thrill that I decided to take 3 tours this time. I wish we could trade in our Toyota for a locomotive like yours.

There’s always so much to do at your place; I’m extremely lucky that Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Julie were willing to take me there! I truly enjoy being one with nature, visiting with Peter and Mary’s crew, and of course, I love me a good s’more.

You’re the coolest, Jellystone! Now that I’m back home where I only get wet in the boring shower, I’m missing you already. I hope we can be friends forever!!

Love always,
Your happiest camper (Jaeger)

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