Great Grandma Garcia turns 90!

It’s not too often that we get to visit with my Mexican familia, but when we do, it’s a big ol’ fiesta… especially when it’s in celebration of Great Grandma Garcia’s 90th birthday!

It was a perfect day! First, I played under the blue skies and fluffy clouds while Genesee got passed from one set of loving arms to the next (because she’s adorable, and also, no one had ever met her before). Next we pigged out on a taco bar, tamales, hamburgers, hot dogs, Mexican rice, salads, fruits and more. Finally, we sang to the birthday girl, enjoyed a piece of birthday cake with a chaser of slice #2, and then danced off our buttercream frosting buzz.

We’re so lucky we could celebrate with Great Grandma. Mom always says it’s important to know the shoulders we stand on, and Grandma Garcia’s are strong.

We love you, Great Grandma! Here’s to more years of health and happiness!

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