Genesee’s first dairy breakfast

To commemorate Genesee’s first June on earth, we introduced her to a Dairy Breakfast because it’s just the right thing to do. Since mom was in Massachusetts for a work-related institute, we were able to leave the house on time and beat the crowd! Once there, we stood at the front of the line within minutes, pointing Genesee to a buffet of reasons we hope to never become lactose intolerant: buttery pancakes, chocolate milk, cheesy eggs, yogurt, fresh cheese curds and Culver’s ice cream.

Genesee was indoctrinated with the Culver’s ice cream of course. And it’s a good thing she became a believer because dairy breakfasts aren’t just tradition in our household, they’re a rite of passage.

I had so much fun showing Genesee how to successfully enjoy June Dairy Days! This year will be extra memorable, not only because I got to share my love of pancakes-on-the-farm with my sister, but also because we got a taste of fame after being featured in the news (TV AND newspaper)!

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