Double Digits

On May 26th, Genesee turned 10 months!! And just like that, we have a crawler!


You know how I’ve described my sister as happy and smiley? Well, don’t let this picture fool you; I’d actually like to retract those earlier statements. Ever since entering the terrible-two-digits, Genesee has exhibited hangry behavior, she gets fussy in her car seat (sometimes crying the whole way home), she’s sort of a buzz-kill during movie nights, and she’s starting to grow weary of unfamiliar faces.

My parents are hoping it’s just a change of mood caused by teething or a growth spurt, but I have my own theory. I believe the timing of her sassiness aligns closely with her reassignment to the basement bedroom, which is why I tend to give her a pass most days. I mean, I remember sleeping all by myself down there… luckily I’ve since graduated to the main floor and someday she will too (although we may need to upgrade to a king-size bed).

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