Papa’s House for the Holidays

Since we were so sad to watch Chelsee leave our house, we decided to follow her to Mukwonago, where she would make a stop at Papa’s place before continuing on to Florida. There, we had a gingerbread house to decorate, several furry friends to cuddle with, Christmas lights to drive through, delicious tamales to taste-test, and a brand new year to ring in.

As we welcomed 2018, we also said our final goodbye-until-next-time to Cha Cha. (And by next time, I mean, let’s visit Chelsee in sunny Florida soon! Because I love her and because we should see the world! And by world, I mean Disney World. Because I love Mickey Mouse, too.)

Maybe we’ll get there someday. But until then, Happy New Year, everybody! And happy travels to Chels!

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