Genesee’s first Christmas

“…He came! Santa came while we were sleeping!!,” Mom and Dad proclaimed. So, without a stretch, I jumped out of bed and into the air, screaming “Woo hoooooo!” from the bottom of my stinky-morning-breath lungs.

But it wasn’t just a visit from Santa that made Genesee’s first Christmas so memorable… Guess who else found our house shortly after midnight?! The one and only Auntie Cha Cha!! I mean, this was a Christmas for the books!

img_8631After sifting through stocking surprises, we headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to enjoy a deliciously cheesy Crock Pot scrambled egg bake and another gift opening session. I’m not sure what I was most grateful for… discovering my new, fancy light-up shoes or snuggling under the Bucky blanket with Ash!

Then, once we were done making Christmas morning memories next door, it was time for me and Genesee to host family at our place.

It was everything! Until everyone went home. Then there was nothing left to do but turn on the fireplace, snuggle under soft blankets, and watch Cars 3 while we let ourselves come down from our Christmas high.

It took ten minutes.

And we slept happily ever after.

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