G turns 3! (in months)

Yesterday, Genesee officially turned 3 months old!

Besides being cute, which she gets from me, here are some additional observations I’ve made about my 3-month-old roommate:

  • Genesee currently has dark blue/grey-ish eyes, but I’m pretty sure they’re trying to turn brown and beautiful like mine!
  • She still snores away through the loudest of noises, but my little sis is also quite the noisy sleeper herself…. constantly grunting and squeaking through the night, like only a preemie can.
  • Not only can she beat me in a hypothetical leg wrestling match with her strong kicks, but Genesee is also gaining ground on our who’s-gonna-have-the-longest-eyelashes contest.
  • Last month, her eyes started following me more, but this month she’s starting to smile. And because I’m so silly, she even tries to laugh (but it sounds like a cough)!
  • She weighs approximately 10 lbs these days!
  • Genesee has better skin than me… no sign of Eczema, sensitive skin, or cradle cap yet. Lucky duck.
  • Occasionally, little G can still squeeze into a newborn outfit, but she’s mostly graduated to the 0-3 month wardrobe.

Although it seems Genesee is growing up right before my very eyes, fortunately, I’m able to cherish every moment because I’m a skillful multitasker who can simultaneously play on the phone, watch TV, and comfort my sister…. all while I spend quality time ignoring her.


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