Pumpkin Patch

I found my pumpkin at Tucker & Becky’s Pumpkin Patch, thanks to an invite from Carrie and Matt! It was located in one of Cashton’s rustic valleys, on a certified Organic Valley Farm that featured beautiful barn murals, animal friends, bakery items, hayrides, and more! It was great fun with great friends. And great watermelon!

After touring the farm and perusing the patch, the fun continued as we showed Carrie and Matt how we eat pizza in the park and how we wash down said pizza with root beer floats at the nearby Rudy’s Root Beer Stand.

Per. Fect. Day!

Of course we spent the next morning carving our pumpkin and harvesting the seeds. The end result: perfectly roasted and overly salted (thanks to Mom’s addiction) pumpkin seeds and a meticulously detailed spooky pumpkin (thanks to Dad’s knife skills) to greet all the trick-or-treaters that never visit our door.

Halloween, we’re ready for you!!

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