The Homecoming… finally

After 40 days in the hospital, over 3 weeks of postpartum night sweats for mom, several oxygen dips, too many Bradycardia episodes, bilirubin treatment, a failed car seat test, gavage feeding tubes, and of course lots of progress and growth along the way, Genesee was finally approved for discharge!

Prior to this much-anticipated moment, on the eve of Genesee’s homecoming, mom performed a trial run, where she “roomed in” with my sister at the hospital, just to make sure they liked each other.

Spoiler alert: They loved each other! And since mom was also successful at keeping Genesee alive without tubes, machines, or 24-hour medical care, it was time to pack up our bags and bring little G home… so long as we could get past the nurses who were plotting to steal her.


But just as the NICU staff hated to see sweet Genesee go, we couldn’t stand to see her stay another minute. And so, just like that, on August 29, 2017, we buckled our precious, premature bundle of absolute joy into her car seat and took the fastest, safest, and most direct route to the Onalaska Culver’s Restaurant. (Because turtle sundaes, duh.)


Then, at long last (and upon completion of a romantic drive-thru lunch as a fully intact family of four), Genesee had arrived home. Finally. Just where she belonged.


Of course, I immediately assumed my big brother role: helping with sponge baths, discarding diapers, patting for burps, exchanging snuggles, taking G for walks, and modeling shopping cart etiquette.


Being the lovely assistant is great and all, but the best part of having a little sister is the bond we already share. In fact, you’ll often find me holding her hand, kissing her forehead, or just loving on her like only a big brother can.


Genesee’s homecoming was a long time coming, but it was definitely worth the wait; she fits right in and completes our family that didn’t even feel incomplete until she came along. Adding two feet to our house was the ultimate home improvement!

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