The Mayo Clinic (Rochester) Referral

On July 21, Dad and I had to rush mom and her belly to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester, MN because her 32-week ultrasound revealed information that put her into the high-risk pregnancy category. The placenta previa condition that was noted at the 20-week ultrasound had now changed to vasa previa, a rare and potentially “disastrous” condition, according to the doctor. And so just like that, mom was admitted to the hospital…

Luckily, mom did not have to endure bed rest or intrusive monitoring; she just needed to be close to an operating room should my little sister try to arrive early. In fact, if mom saw any blood, the doctors would need to deliver my sister within minutes otherwise she might not survive. Whoa?! That’s a lot to take in. So, mom cried and tried to prepare for the worst. Dad asked questions while searching for balance between optimism and realism. And because everyone navigates stress in different ways, and because I interpreted the doctor’s orders as a free hotel stay, and because I’m only 3 years old, I decided to cope by showcasing my latest and greatest dance skills in exchange for free smiles and stickers from all the nurses. Clearly, as you’ll see from the videos below, I’ll be the one to pull us through this difficult situation.

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