Memorial Day Weekend 2017

I was so excited for our first camping adventure of the season that I decided to try out the bed before we even left the driveway!


Yep, it works!

Luckily, the bed passed inspection, so I told Dad to set the GPS for Hayward, and away we went! 3 hours later, we had arrived at my happy place…. just in time to set up camp for the night and sneak in a late supper. I jumped and jumped and jumped for joy! The only problem was when you play hard, you sleep hard…



But, the rest of the weekend was no accident. I went fishing, relaxed by the mosquito-free campfire, roasted S’mores, watched fireworks, cruised the Flowage, stopped for the obligatory ice cream cone, played at a park, tried out new tricks on my bike, ate our freshly-caught fish, and fell asleep to gentle rain showers and thunderstorms! I had so much fun that I probably don’t need to go camping again anytime soon…. said nobody ever!! See you next time, Hayward, WI!!

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