Meeting Cora

On New Year’s Day, we took a quick day-trip to Platteville, WI so I could finally meet Cora, the newest addition to Gretchen & Koty’s family! I’m pretty sure I nailed my first impression, especially when I serenaded Cora right to sleep and then conveniently kid-tested and approved all her fun toys while she wasn’t looking. Because I’m a gentleman.

After the sleepyhead woke up, we ate scrumptious food, opened Christmas gifts, visited with family, and got a tour of the farm before we made our return trip home. Since it then became my chance to be a sleepyhead, the entire ride was quiet and peaceful, minus my initial 5-minute meltdown due to mom’s intervention of my Skittle overdose attempt. Rude. All I wanted to do was taste the rainbow…. repeatedly.

Even though Mom managed to ruin the day with her responsible parenting, it was still nice to meet you, Cora! Let’s hang out again sometime soon!!

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