July 2016

Top 10 reasons why this July was a month to remember:

1. I reconnected with familia… Aunt Nae Nae and Aunt Cha Cha came all the way up from Arizona and Florida to love on me! I also visited my Great Grandma Garcia. She fell last month and got an ouchie, but she’s doing well!

2. I traveled from the Elegant Farmer to the East Troy Depot via train! (Thanks, Cha Cha!)

3. I discovered new parks!

4. I visited some of mom’s old stomping grounds: Mukwonago High School and the Brookfield Square Mall. (At the mall, we played in Barnes & Noble until closing time!)

5. Aunt Cha Cha and her fur-babies moved into our house for a week!

6. I used my Build-a-Bear gift card (thanks, Papa Florence!) to bring Huddybear to life. He has a heartbeat, says “I love you,” and smells like cotton candy!

7. We made it to the La Crosse County Fair to see Ashlee and Cortney! Speaking of Ashlee, I’ve been getting to see a lot of her this month since she’s my babysitter best friend.

8. We spent quality time on the river with our Docan-Morgan friends before they left for a year abroad in South Korea. (Miss you already!!)

9. I toured the Wisconsin Dells by experiencing a Duck ride, perusing through Timbavati Wildlife Park, enjoying the Tommy Bartlett Water Show, and relaxing at our campground.

10. I’ve successfully earned LOTS of stickers! Sure, I still wear diapers, but so do lots of 85-year-olds. The point is, I’m getting better and better at using the potty. Want me to pee outside? No problem. Want me to go standing up? You got it. Want me to pretend I have to go potty after my parents put me to sleep just so I can get a free ticket out of the crib and delay bedtime? Every night.


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