Hola-la, Mexico! (2016)

“Last call for winter,” I declared on January 30!

Because on January 31, we left on a jet plane, in search of warmer weather.

And we found it…

…in Mexico!

If you’re questioning why we picked this place and/or this time of the year, it’s because:

  1. January 29 was Nana Florence’s birthday and being in Mexico helped us feel closer to her roots. We miss her.
  2. I love guacamole. Yum!
  3. We made such good memories there last year, but I can’t remember any of them. So, I needed a do-over.
  4. My toes wanted to breathe.
  5. It was a great opportunity to brush up on the two Spanish words I know.
  6. We live in Wisconsin… and it’s this time of the year.

Plus, our Mexican getaway allowed me to splash at the pool, (I LOVED the yellow slide!!)

play at the kids’ room, (Equipped with EVERYTHING… a trampoline, a train set and Connect-4!!)

nap at my leisure,

and spend quality time with my parents while I still think they’re cool.

Mexico was warm, beautiful, relaxing and delicious. It’s no wonder why we had to return! The real question is: why didn’t you come with?!

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