Road trip to Arizona!

Here I am, all buckled in and excited for my first cross-country road trip!


And here I am, not as excited, somewhere in the state of Kansas…


And here I am, excitement completely depleted, somewhere in between the state of boredom and resentment… (video)

So, of course, once we stopped at a hotel, here’s what freedom-from-my-carseat looked like:

I made lots of memories along the way:

Finally, roughly 27 hours past my attention span, we successfully arrived in Arizona!

To celebrate, we threw ourselves a party at Chandler’s Desert Breeze Park…

…And to top it all off, we ended the night by reuniting with my Arizona familia: Aunt Nae Nae, Uncle Jon, Brooklyn, and my newly adopted cousin Chuck!

What an adventure! There were a few questionable moments along the way, but we all still love each other.

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