Abe’s Birthday Party

Happy Birthday, Abe, and welcome to the year of One, dear friend! Here is my advice for how to make the most of this year:

  1. Eat dirt while you can still get away with it! (I hear this is frowned upon as we get older.)
  2. When you do something naughty, just flash your cutest smile. (This get-out-of-jail-free card will expire, so take advantage of your cuteness.)
  3. Embrace every embarrassing moment. We won’t remember them anyway.
  4. Grow sharp teeth. (Our peers tend to problem-solve by biting.)
  5. Run a lot. Jump a lot. Dance a lot. Laugh a lot.
  6. And, remember: Nobody can do “you” better, so be whoever you want to be… the world is waiting!


P.S. Please consider having a party to celebrate turning 1½… those cupcakes made my tastebuds jump for joy. I mean, I would attend mostly because I truly value our friendship…the cupcakes are just a nice little bonus.

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