Jaeger Amari – version 1.5

On October 16, I turned 1½ years old! Being 1½ means there’s a new boss in the house…


…Me! Some of my signature, boss-like skills include:

  • Better tantrums. (And by “better,” I mean, I scream louder and I’ve perfected a much more dramatic arm flail and head twist. It’s quite impressive.)
  • Discarding of valuables…. I just love to toss things in the toilet or garbage, so lock up your valuables.
  • Smoothie disappearing acts: I have a personal Ninja (also known as my dad running the blender) who slices, chops and liquifies fresh fruits to quench my thirst. I drink these smoothies all gone! And fast. Really fast. Like a ninja.
  • Improved manners! I’ve learned how to sign “please” and “thank you.” Need me to put away my toys? No problem; I’m usually pretty good at cleaning up the messes I make!  Also, I now know how to extend my arm, with my hand open, and demand that you “stop” if you attempt to eat my pancake, or steal my toys, or if you get in my space. I learned this at school to prevent my little friend from biting me. That trick has worked pretty well, so I’ve since incorporated this hand signal and the word “Stop” into my everyday vocabulary. (Examples: Are you looking at me from across the room? “STOP.” Did you just smile at me? “STOP.” Oh, you want to hold my hand? “STOP.”)
  • Opening doors: Why wait for opportunity to knock when you can just open that door and let yourself out? of the house? into the great outdoors? without permission? ’cause I’m sneaky like that.
  • Rock climbing: Go ahead, throw any obstacle at me… I’ll climb over it. Remember that baby gate my parents installed at the top of the stairs to keep me from falling into the basement? It’s now become my little rock climbing wall. I’m living on the edge, literally, until my mom frantically leaps from across the room to interrupt my fun.
  • Versatile goodbyes: Need a high five? Want me to blow you a kiss? How ’bout a fist bump? I can deliver them all; just ask.
  • Soccer ball handling: If my current soccer dribbling skills are any indication of what’s to come, I’ll save you some front row seats at my future World Cup appearance.
  • Animal whisperer: As you’ll see from the below video, I can communicate with all animals because I speak their language.

Being 1½ is fantastic! It means staying awake longer because I only need one nap now. It means I can understand a lot more than you think. It means having more personality than I know what to do with! It means everything is about me, on my schedule, and on my terms. Because like I said before, being 1½ means there’s a new boss in the house… or out of the house, if I’ve escaped again.

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